Urban warming – fears, risks & mitigation actions

As is stated by BUILD-UP (http://www.buildup.eu/news/43593): “Urban warming has a very significant impact on human life: it increases energy consumption, reduces comfort levels, increases pollution concentration, threatens human health and affects the urban economy. Mitigation technologies aiming to counter the impact of the phenomenon are rapidly being developed and applied in real projects”


Mitigation techniques, proposed in this article are: More green urban space, Use of reflective materials, Decrease of anthropogenic heat levels, Use of low temperature natural sinks.


We think, that all the mitigation techniques are very interesting and promising. Nevertheless, the local authorities needs more incentive(s) and subsidie(s), or at least be aware of different source of money available for that initiative … Here, the question is: how much local authorities are involved in the fight against urban warming? and … what they are doing in this direction?

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